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Hawaii Radio & Television Guide Blog has Moved

This is the last entry for the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide Blog here at Our blog has now moved with all the content from this blog to:

You will notice that the new blog looks very similar to this one because both are being run on WordPress. We thank WordPress for hosting this version of the blog. This blog will remain here for the time being but further updates will be made. All new content updates will be posted to the new blog location.

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KGMB, KHNL & KFVE Go Dark on Dish Network

It was reported today that Dish Network subscribers have lost the TV feeds for KGMB, KHNL and KFVE. The cut comes after Dish Network and Raycom Media, owner and operator of the local TV stations (as well as TV properties nationwide) could not settle on a retransmission issue where Dish wants to charge Raycom more for the broadcast of their system.

Raycome media has posted this on their website:



Rick Hamada Not Retiring From Radio

Radio listeners of Rick Hamada’s morning radio show on KHVH 830 AM announced that he is planning on retirement. From his Facebook page Hamada posted the following:

“Here’s a message I shared on the air today. Oddly, I feel relieved. Cheers. RDH

Aloha, I announced on the big show today a “retirement” message. Simply stated, after 30 plus years of emceeing and hosting events, I am “retiring”. I was responsible for a terrible mix-up over the weekend and cost the organization their time, resources and impact of message. I couldn’t get it out of my head all weekend. My conclusion is that it would be best if others took over the duties and I’ll just concentrate on being a dad and radio guy. I know this may not be relevant to you personally, but I needed to share my mea culpa and resolution. Thanks for your indulgence.”

He is not retiring from the radio airwaves, just getting off the emcee circuit where I have seen him a few times over the years.

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